Service and Support

Support and services are the main steps in our product lifecycle and making better connection with our customers.We try to provide the deserving conditions for our customers for their use of software solutions and features.And our experts are ready to meet your expectations.

The diversity of our clients has provided us with a treasure trove of processes and professional experiences from various businesses. The integration of this knowledge and usage of the modern technologies, will help us to provide full and effective support for our solutions and systems, and also to help customers increase the efficiency of their business.

In addition to providing technical support services for the systems, using the updated versions of the software in order to make any changes in the current laws and tax of the country, the necessary settings are applied to comply with these changes in your systems.

Our trained support experts are ready to answer your administrators ‘and users’ questions and concerns about our systems based on the type of contract, and help resolve issues in the shortest possible time.

Methods of support services

  • 1. Consulting services suitable to the type of business
  • 2. Respond to problems and resolve ambiguities of users
  • 3. Update versions and provide instructional services to users
  • 4. Database maintenance consulting services



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    Ofogh Milad Iranian Company since 2009 in Tehran with the aim of participating in the field of informatics and using new biometric methods such as fingerprint recognition, in the field of design and production of specialized software and providing services in the field of software and hardware to companies and Organizations and banks was established